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Friday, 23 March 2012

The use of these images on your Blog

The use of images on a blog is a good way to add more interest and impact of your messages.The right image can highlight a point or make a point by itself. A picture is certainly wortha thousand words. It is perfectly appropriate to add one or more images on the blog for any and alldisplay.

When images are a Must

Some time ago that the images are a must to add it to your blog. If you are on a blogparticular person, place or thing that an image is a must. For example, if you talk about anew car model on the market, you should have one or more images of the model with thedisplay.You do not want to let your followers are disappointed they can not see what you'respeak.

How to Get Images

You can find images online. You should check and make sure that you can use the images on yourblogging without a copyright violation. Give the sources of the image or imageswhen you post them as well.A Google Image Search or a Flickr image search should help you find images for just abouteverything you blog about. You can also use drawings, cartoons and other imagesemphasize a point.

Size and placement

If you add pictures to your blog that you want to make sure they are large enough to conveywhat you intend to transmit. Usually a blog will contain a sticker or lesssize of the embedded image that appears in the display. When someone clicks on the image itexpected to grow to full size to show more detail.Images can be placed in different locations within a blog. For more impact you wantconsider putting the image in the upper right corner of the blog. Centered on the bottom ofyour announcement is another good option for an image.

The Bottom Line About Images

The bottom line is that you should try to use images to convey a point or emphasize a point on yourblog. Images make a blog more attractive, while adding a greater impact. Make sure that the imagesyou use are appropriate for your readers and you have permission to post them in yourblog. Follow these guidelines and add some images to your blog. 



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