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Monday, 26 March 2012

Spam Off Your Blog

If you start a blog, you might be surprised to learn that you can expect a good and SPAMbits thereof. Blogs are notorious magnet for spammers trying to post links to their websites,gambling sites in particular, adult sites and sites of prescription drugs.Mainly SPAM will be posted in the comments of your blog rather than a new blogdisplay. Unless you have set up your blog to inform you every time someone makes a commentYou do not even know they are there.

Why spam should be deleted

SPAM hurt the overall impact of your blog and can lead some of your supporters to stop readingyour blog completely. For most of nature SPAM assignments are not what most Blogreaders want to see and it is important that you remove it quickly.Links out of your blog to pornography, gambling and other sites they can also hurt your rankings in Google, unless you catch the links and delete them.

Protect yourself against SPAM

Most blog sites (including Blogger and WordPress) allow you to set up your blog soyou are notified each time a comment is posted. In fact, you can configure your account so thatcomment appears only if you trust the content. This is the most effective way tospam from your blog.The main blog sites also offer plug-SPAM Guard. Basically these plug-ins to identify the mostcommon assignments and delete SPAM before it can be displayed on your site. Theyyou also enable users to blackball, websites, IP addresses, etc., to fight against spam yet.You should consider one or more of these options for protecting SPAM if you are going to have a success, SPAM-free blog. Remember not all link to another website is spam. However,you should look at all the comments and outbound links to determine if the type ofComments and links you want your followers to see.SPAM protection will be something you want to stay on top and it's worth the effort.Spammers can be both creative and persistent in their attempts to post links to websitesthey are promoting. Take positive action to stop spam and keep a close eye on yourBlog and they will eventually move to another blog to try to SPAM. 



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