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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

google : the +1 button

The 1-button you can start great conversations. When you click a site to publicly recommend anywhere on the Internet. You can also order with the correct circles on Google + share. +1' S can improve Google search, because you can see which pages your social contacts +1' d have the right to search results and ads.Press 1 can appear in a variety of places, both on Google and sites on the Internet. For example, you might see a 1-button next to a Google search results page are Google ad or article you read on your favorite news site.

What happens if some one?If you have a something that a button is blue to confirm that you are recommended to be the one side and your +1' s tab of your profile are added. Here you manage all your +1' s and decide whether to publicly flaunt the +1' s to register.If you are a Google + users, you'll also possible the website that you share on Google +1' d +. Simply click on the "Share on Google +" box to enter your comments, select the circle you would like to publish, and click share. Like other content that you shares this +1' s seem to share in the streams of people with you.Regardless of the circles that you can share on Google +, and if you publicly to let your +1' s Register chosen, your +1' s will still be visible to others viewing the content you +1' d . For example, you could create a framework in an anonymous aggregate number of people who have also +1' D appear the same thing. Your name could be displayed next to the 1 key on a website or a search result or ad on Google search. This will help friends and contacts know what content can be very useful for them.Control who sees your +1' sYou can control the visibility of +1' s tab on your profile, and if you're a Google user + can use the website, you +1' d to certain groups and to share. Note, however, that a public action +1' Ing. Everyone could see some items that you've +1' d when they visit the same sites on the web.For example, let's say Kyla has Ariel, an architect who often publicly contributions to one of their circles on Google + added. Ariel decides her a favorite design website. Kyla could see Arielle's name and picture into a Google search on notes, although not Arielle Kyla in a circle. Little Kyla helps to decide which one to get you end up on the website, Kyla and loving it!Now imagine that Ariel wants to hide the +1' s register in their own profile. While Arielle a publicly visible on the website design is, will not be Kyla nor anyone else on the web profiles that Ariel will be able to see Ariel the consolidated list of +1' s.


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