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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Link your blog and accounting SMM

Your blog and social media marketing (SMM) accounts must be linked together. Youwant to create a network of resources that bring together your various marketing efforts.Linkyour blog to your social media accounts is essential.

Blog comments on Facebook and TwitterYou can configure your social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter so that theyautomatically display a link to your blogs. This automated technique, it is easy toupdate your Facebook and Twitter account with your new blogs.One goal of all marketing plans social media is to keep the content updated and fresh. Ifyou update your blog frequently, you will automatically update your Facebook and Twitteraccount as well.Make sure your blog titles are catchy and you can drive traffic to thesocial media sites to your blog. A short and catchy title will attract the attention of someone youare friends on Facebook or following you on Twitter.
Add Social Media Links to Blog
People who find your blog can not know that you are also social media accounts and pages.Make sure your blog appears prominently an invitation for them to become a fan onFacebook and a follower on Twitter.As a blogger, you want to give people sufficient opportunity to learn from you andyou. Link your social media accounts on your blog creates these opportunities.Web 2.0 is all about users on participating sites and networks. A blogger should thinkinviting participation on their blog and beyond their blog to create a global userexperience that builds loyalty.
Off Blog RSS
When you set up your blog, you can organize a blog feed that others canpick and add to their site. Basically your blogs will be posted on a site that addspower of the.A blog feed can open up new sources of traffic and revenue streams without additional effort onyou. You also need to add your blog feed to directories and other resources that peopleresearch to add new content on their site.Remember, fresh content is a key to success online. Your blog can become a source ofcontent for other sites which means that your blog site and their victories. Link your blog to yourSocial media reports and blog feed resources for maximum impact.


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