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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bloggers Blog to your customers

If you are just starting writing a blog, you probably are not thinking about adding hostsbloggers. Although it is not something you have to think from the first day, it is something youshould think from the beginning. Guest bloggers can mitigate some of the burden of having to post to your blog frequently.Guest bloggers can also help keep your blog going during planned or unplanned absence.

Selecting a guest blogger

A guest blogger is someone who can write content for your blog that is relevant to your topicand interesting to your readers. Although they do not have to write exactly the same style andtone as you do, you generally want to write the same tone.If you know the blogger you want to apply to be a guest blogger on your site, then screeningprocess is simple. Other options include writers ask for a sample blog so you can displayevaluate their style or selecting a guest blogger for someone who contributes to your blogcurrently. The reliability of your guest blogger is crucial.

Introducing Your guest blogger

A guest blogger should be introduced to your readers. The introduction should include a briefbio of guest blogger as well as information on when they will display and, if necessarywhy they will be displayed (for example if you have a planned absence from your blog).You can add a guest blogger for the comic relief too. In this case, your introduction should behumor and let your readers know that they are in for fun. It is perfectly fine for your guestblogger or guest bloggers to post when you send messages as well.There are many blogs that have several very successful bloggers. It is not necessary foryour blog to be one voice. You can have different views with writers or areasexpertise. You can also have different authors for different topics on your site.The thing to keep in mind is that if you can control your blog and all its contents, itdoes not mean that you must be the creator of exclusive content. Guest bloggers and regular contributorscan help you keep your blog fresh, interesting and frequently updated.Even if your blog has not yet been started now is a good time to start thinking morewriters for your blog. 



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