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Friday, 9 March 2012

Monetize your Blog

Some people blog for fun to blog something they love.Some people blog in order to make money. There are a number of ways you canmonetize your blog. You can choose one or more of them depending on who is mostappropriate for the topic you blog and followers of your blog.

Make money with affiliate arrangementsDepending on the subject of your blog, you may be able to make money through affiliaterelationships. If your blog is on a subject that relates directly to the products that you can almost certainly make money by placing ads on your affiliate site.For example, if you have a blog on accessories, you can sign up for affiliate programsaccessory retailers. You can place affiliate ads on your blog and add affiliate links inyour real blogs.Relations of affiliation may even lead some of your content. If you can make money bymentioning a new product or service on your blog and provide a link (with affiliate trackingcode) to a retailer that offers the product you can collect a percentage of the sale.You can also contact retailers directly and ask them to offer your readers a coupon code.The coupon code would give your readers a discount and you earn a commission for each sale.This way, you and your readers benefit from the affiliation.PPC ads on your BlogYou can add Google, Yahoo and MSN ads on your blog as well. You earn moneyevery time someone clicks on the link to your blog. If you do this, it is importantyou use ad filters so you can make the ads that appear on your blog areappropriate for your target market.Do not want ads for the pleasure of having ads. You want ads that are relevant to your targetmarket. The more relevant the ads are most likely the ads will be clicked on by yourreaders.A blog with high traffic can make big money with PPC ads, but perhaps not as muchas if it is done through the right affiliate relationships.11The bottom line is that you can monetize your site with affiliate relations and PPC ads. If youTake the time to write compelling content, you should reap the rewards of your efforts. Gofront and monetize your blog in one or both ways.


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