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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Speaking of your competitors Blog

Blogs, corporate blogs, in particular will have competitors (either a competitor or a competitor blogbusiness). How do you respond to competitors or your blog will speak volumes about youas a person and as a company.For most, always take the high road and never get caught up in a nasty public spat andwith another business or blog.

Speaking to competition in general

You should rarely mention a competitor by name. While it is acceptable to name them whencompare aspects of a product or service make sure you keep a professional tone.Consumersare off when they see the products of another company being criticized.If you believe your product or service is better than to focus your offers on the highlights of yourproducts or services. Do not focus on pointing out problems with your competitors.Sometimes your best option is to mention competitors in a generic way. For example, "the otherproducts on the market ", or" similar types of products "are better terms for the purpose of blogsbecause they allow you to differentiate your products without specifically naming thecompetition.Your readers may not even know that a certain competitor was then do not be quick togive them some freedom of the press in your blog.

Addressing Negative comments Competition

Addressing negative comments from your competition is something a bit sticky. On the one handyou want to address the display, on the other hand your readers may not know the detachment waswell done. Addressing a detachment can alert your readers to its existence for the first time.How do you handle negative comments depend on the comments that were made by thecompetitor. Some comments may be ignored while other comments should be taken into account.Your first course of action may be to contact the competitor and ask them to remove anydefamatory comments on their blog. You might be surprised how much will honor the request,especially if done in a professional manor. If the comments in question appear on theirblog, but have not been written directly by them, they can be more than willing to remove the offendingcomment.If the competitor refuses to remove a negative pattern, you can reply to your blog byanswer the charges without indicating where they were made. This way, you are able torespond without giving any unnecessary energy to their blog.Keep these things in mind when addressing the competition in your blog. 


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