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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Naming Your Blog

Shakespeare asked if a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The importance ofChoosing the right name for your blog should not be overlooked.Remember there are twodifferent names for your blog. First, there is the name you choose for the actual blog. Second,it is the URL you reserve to host your blog.Name the BlogPeople sometimes try to be too cute or too creative when they name their blog.Although it is a way to show your creativity you run the risk of not knowing what your blog isactually about.The name of a blog will immediately provide the central goal of your blog. This will be usefuland more followers who often look on the blog directories or search online for blogs by category. If someone is looking for a blog about luxury handbags, they will want to see a blog with a namewhich comprises the following elements:· Bags· The Clutches· Handbags· The Hobos· Scholarships· The Satchels, etc.Although you may want to be more creative and use a term like candy arms, not all of yourpotential readers will be able to identify the subject of your blog based on the name.Try to be simple with the name of your blog and use your creativity with the design ofBlog content and real about it.

Blog URLIf possible you want your blog URL to be the same as the name of your blog, but it is notalways possible or even desirable. If you want to get creative with your blog name and then tryto be simple with your URL. For example, if you choose Blog Eye Candy for the namethe name of your blog, as mentioned above, you may want a URL that has a purse or handbag inthe name.Generally people can see both on the blog name and URL when searching in a blog directory. Thoughideally, you're right on with the name you give your blog URL and it will be placedYou can choose to be a little more creative with your blog name as your URLcontains the keywords in the.Take time to think about the best name for your blog. Try to choose a name that will establish aagreement with your target market. Often less is more and simple is the best way forward.

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