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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Setting up a WordPress blog

Here's how to set up your WordPress blog on your URL (domain). The first thing you need tois doing to ensure that you create a hosting account. Your hosting account must contain the following:· PHP 4.3 (or higher)· MySQL 4.0 (or higher)· Mod_rewrite Apache moduleYou do not need to think about what these features are concerned, it is only important that you make sureYou have them. Try the same place you get your hosting domain.Your hosting account, you will find a control panel. According to your control panel when searching databasesOption and create a new database. You will be asked to give the database a name and you will create aUsername and password. Keep this information in a safe place. This is your MySQL databasewhich will store all your blog posts.Installation of WordpressOnce you've created the hosting device and the database, it is time to install WordPress.Some hosting companies have a Quick Install option. If they do not do anything, you have to do isinvite you to the latest software: (for Windows or Mac).Unzip the files on your computer. You will be extracted to a folder called "wordpress".Within the extracted files you will find a file named wp-config-sample.php, open the file (it isOpen to any document editor). Here you will find instructions in this document. Change the text asneeded in your editor (you will be adding the name of your database, username and password.Save the file and rename it to "wp-config.php".Move the individual folders and files within the "WordPress" unzipped folder you created (do not copy theFolder itself) to your website host company's server (your hosting company will giveDirections, it is very easy).If your blog is the whole area put it in the root directory. If you want to create aSubdirectory for the blog. Maybe you want one, how to create: the WordPress files on the server go into your web browser and / wp-admin / install.php (or if you have done it in a subdirectory of the / blog / wp-admin / install.php.The software will then guide you through the final steps of the installation on your blogServer. WordPress makes it fast and easy to install a blog. Take your time and go step by bystepand you should have no problem installing and starting your blog.

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