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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blogging non-original content

Bloggers sometimes fear the display or re-publish content from other sources on their blog. Asuccessful blogger will not want to only display information from other sources on their blogno original display. However, it is perfectly acceptable for you to put these types ofpostings on a blog from time to time.If you go to new post content that appears elsewhere online, you want to make sure you

give proper credit to the original source. You must also bring your own displaywords or give any further comment on the posting.Each blogger must decide on their own when they need to provide a source and whenthey do not. Typically, if you copy the content directly from another source (withoutparaphrasing), you should give the appropriate reference.Your followers will appreciate that you are alerting them to content they can findinteresting and it will prevent someone reading an article they read your blog earlier andwonder why you did not mention the original source.

Videos & Images

Videos and pictures can be added to your blog, even if you are not the creator of the image orvideo. If you get the content from sources such as YouTube and Flickr, you can safely add thevideos or pictures to your blog. If you think the original poster of the content is in violation of anycopyright laws, you should avoid adding content to your site.You can contact the video sources and to ask permission to view a video clip on yourblog.Some bloggers rather ask forgiveness than to ask permission. It is a judgmentcall a blogger should do directly. For most, if you posted a video or image thatyou should not have posted you will be asked to remove it and you must immediatelyremove it.

Bottom Line on non-original content

The bottom line is that you can add non-original content to your blog, if applicable. DoMake sure you give proper citations and are not in violation of copyright laws. If the content iscreated and published by the creator of a site like YouTube or Flickr, you should not haveproblem to add it to your blog. Be cautious but do not be afraid to add non-original content to your blog when you feelappropriate. 



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