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Friday, 9 March 2012


Comments of your blog readers can be moderated by you in a number of ways. Your
decision on how you will monitor comments have a significant impact on your blog in general. There isimportant to keep in mind the pros and cons of your decision.First, blogs that invite reader comments are generally more popular thanblogs that are not. Web 2.0 is all about participation on the web and people to feel part of a

Blog of the community rather than just a reader of a blog-way.For some companies, it may make sense to disallow comments, however, for mostbusiness and personal blogs, you should consider allowing feedback from your readers. 
Comments unrestricted 
One option you can have your blog is a comment without restriction. This allows anyone to viewcomments on your blog without moderation. Although this is the most open of blogging, it isalso the most dangerous. You will certainly find inappropriate comments and spam on yourblog that can lead to problems with search engines.For most this is not a good idea to allow unrestricted comments.
Registered User Comments
A modest but effective in limiting the review of your site is to require the personinterested in commenting to register your blog with an e-mail. This will preventmost spammers who want to publish quickly and move on. It will also help prevent people frompost ridiculous comments to your blog. Some comments and ridiculous SPAM will alwaysgrace.Once someone is registered, you can follow their assignments on your blog and ban or blockif you find the post inappropriate.
Comments approved only 
Most bloggers choose the option to allow comments only allowed to work on their blog.Basically, you set up the blog so you are notified any time someone posts a comment to one ofyour messages. The comment will not appear until you have reviewed and approved active.
Require the approval comment is a good way to both allow comments and to protect the integrity ofyour blog at the same time. Most people familiar with blogs expect to have their commentsexamined before being visible.Leave comments on your blog to keep your readers on your blog active, but choosethe level of protection that works best for your needs.



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