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Monday, 19 March 2012

Blog style and tone

The style and tone that you use on your blog is important. Not every blog have or should havethe same style and tone. Both the tone and style of your blog is determined by your subject andyour target market.For most blogs section must be in a conversational tone. You want people to feel comfortableyour blog and not feel they are conferences or "talked" down to. Most

conversational in tone of your blog is the most comfortable you will feel your followers.Of course, this does not mean that every blog should be casual in nature. Do not confusecasual conversation. While it is perfectly acceptable for some blogs to be casual intone, all blogs should be.Take for example blogs by professionals like doctors and lawyers. Although the style ofBlog must be in a conversational tone, the style should not be too casual. Consumers expect aprofessional to stay professional without being didactic.

Slang, profanity and Humor

The use of slang is often seen as a casual. While this is appropriate for some blogs, it isgenerally not acceptable for business blogs. Want to be a conversation without having to cross theline and become too relaxed. Avoid using slang on professional blogs.Curses are never appropriate for business or professional blogs. You should avoid themall costs. In fact, you should avoid using any inflammatory language to your blog, includingracial slurs, insults on sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disability or religion.Humor is definitely something you can use on a blog, including business and corporate blogs.The humor may be appropriate, but again not to use humor based on sex, race, sexualorientation, religion, disability, etc.

Put the conversation in Conversation

Your blog should invite comments from your readers. Invite them to the conversation andyou will get many more faithful followers. You may have heard of the term Web 2.0. Thisessentially refers to user-created content and experiences. As a blogger, you are engaging in aThe Web 2.0 environment, if you invite input from your readers. It is important to let your readers know the rules to comment on your blog. You canexpressly prohibit flaming (attacking other players); abusive language, swearing, etc. It isperfectly acceptable for you to wait for feedback from your readers to adapt the style and tone you setfor your blog. 


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