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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Promote Your Blog

This is in no way a guarantee or science, it's just a few suggestions that many bloggers have found success.Set your blog to send pings. If this setting is enabled, your blog in various "recently updated" lists on the Web as well as other blog-related services are included.Activate your Navbar. Do that and you can begin to see the effects immediately! One of the features on the Blogger Navbar is a button called the block - click on it to visit the next Navbar-enabled blog.Install entry via email. If you use e-mail this article to your blog, people will be able to forward your posts to friends. This may not be an immediate impact on your site statistics allow, but that others publish to your blog for you.Turn on post pages. By publishing every post as its very own web page with Post Pages, make sure that your entries are way more link-able and attractive to search engines.Turn off your site feed. When people subscribe to your site feed in your news reader, they are very likely to read your post.Add your blog to Blogger listings. If you add your blog to our list, it shows up in the block, new, and other places. It is like an opt-in to traffic.Write quality content and make it good. If your "style" is poorly written, bad grammar, no punctuation, and an ugly design, that might be okay for a niche crowd. But the idea here is to achieve mass appeal, so fix it up a little.Publish regular updates. It's simple: The more you blog, the more traffic you get.Think of your audience. A good way is to build an audience, to speak a particular. If you want your audience to remember to focus your writing gains. Focus goes a long way toward returning visitors.Keep an eye on search engines. There are a few things you can do to make your blog more search engine friendly. Use of titles and post page archiving. This automatically attaches to each of your post pages an intelligent name on the title of your post. Also, try to be descriptive when you blog. A well crafted post about something very specific can end up very close to the top of search results.Keep your posts short and heels. Strive to pump concise contributions that relevant new information in the blogosphere and move on. Keep it short and sweet so visitors can read about the pop, and then click OK.
Put your blog URL in your e-mail signature. Think of how many e-mails forwarded you saw in your day, and imagine the possibilities.Sumbit your address to blog search engines and directories. People look for blog content on Technoratievery day, you are on your list? They should. Submit your blog URL join Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex, Popdex, and every other aspect of his guild you.Link to other blogs. Links are the currency of the blogosphere and it takes money to make money so start linking not discernible.Install a blogroll. It is a very simple yet effective social networking scheme, and it has the same result as a simple link if not stronger: traffic! So if you have not yet, sign up for a blogroll and get that go-link list.Be an active commentator. This is in the same direction as the link. Most systems also comment one way for you to leave a link back to your blog which begs a visit at least. So if you feel inspired to make a comment or two visits to your blog. It is your responsibility.After you activate your blog. After one is a great way to update your friends on the latest activities in your blog. New blogs this blog function is enabled by default, but for older blogs, you need to enable it from the Layout | Page Elements tab.


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