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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Absences to blog

Experienced bloggers and bloggers know beginners quickly learn that the best way to losedisciples is to stop posting on your blog. Even a short absence that can be unexpectedlyyour followers lose faith and move on. Be sure to properly manage your absences blogsso you do not lose all the momentum you've built.

Planned absences

Planned absences are easy to handle. You can advertise your blog when the absence willoccur and you can even tell why. This will prepare your followers for the anticipatedsilence. You may want to consider hiring a guest blogger, if your absence is for morea few days.Depending on the topic of your blog, you can also consider pre-allocation of your blog entries. Youblog entries may pre-date that will not appear on your blog until the date indicated. Do thiswill appear as if you are behind your computer screen blogging away when maybe youare laying on the beach drinking a daiquiri.

Unscheduled absences

By their nature, unplanned absences will require you to think on the fly. You can configure yourblogging for you to blog by email. This will allow you to post your blog, wherever you are.Even if you just want to post a quick message to let people know that you will be offline for a bitit is better than complete silence.

Comments canned

If appropriate for your blog, you can have some pre-written, generic assignments that keep you inyour administration panel but do not post. You can then use these views when you are out of townunexpected or unable to blog for any other reason.It's a good idea to teach someone else your administration panel and let them know any cannedassignments you have. This is especially important for blogs that have a loyal customerwhich may be concerned if they do not hear from you.In general, you want to update your blog followers and social media savvy at any time, you will besilence for a period of time or someone else to update in case you are unable to do sodirectly.Silence on a blog can be expensive. Be sure to plan ahead for potential or anticipatedabsences of blogs. Your pre-planning can help you support your followers and keep yourlaunched in the right direction. 



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