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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Blogging - How often do I post?

Many bloggers, especially new bloggers wonder how often they must post on their blog.Dothey appear at a frantic pace until their fingers bleed? Do they appear only when the spirit movesthem? The answer lies somewhere in between.Bloggers must have a general idea of ​​how often they intend to publish. Consistency is moreimportant than volume when it comes to the display. If you start with great passion and post 5 or10 views per day for a month then suddenly lose steam your followers will recognize thisand I wonder if you lose interest in your own blog. If you lose interest so will they.

How often to Post - Gain Momentum

You are always better the magnitude rather than losing steam. Start your blog byadding assignments at a pace you know you can follow. On days when you feelparticularly prolific, you must create additional posts and save them in your admin panel, withoutactually publish them.You can build a stock of messages that can be used the day you have nothing to say or areunable to sit and concentrate on your blog at all. This is a good way to ensure that you areprepared for unplanned absences writing.How many messages per day you start with will depend on development of your blog. If you are a business blog you can probably start with a very good post per day. If you have aEntertainment blog you probably want at least four or five short posts a day.

What is my starting off point?

The best way to determine your starting point is to look at offshore competition. See how oftenthey appear and how long their assignments are. You do not have to duplicate their efforts, but you dowant to be too far below.You should also consider the quality. Quality must not suffer for the sake of quantity. If you findthat some of your messages are not good enough for your blog because you have focused on
out additional posts you should consider extending a step back and maintain a volume that iscomfortable for you.The bottom line is that you should keep your blog updated and current with content but you do notwant to become a slave. Try to find a realistic pace that can develop over time. 



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