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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Best marketing strategies to advertise your garage sale

The first step each garage sale organizer must take to achieve its sales target is using creative marketing strategies. There is no way for your garage sale to succeed without people knowing. Because there are dozens of garage sales taking place every day, you need to find ways to make your garage sale unlike anything else. You must begin to distinguish yourself with the types of ads that are available.

Advertising Through The Internet
Online ads have gained popularity with owners of garage sale because it is free and able to reach many people in a short time.
Blog About It
- Blogs are one of the biggest phenomenon ever produced by the Internet. Create your own blog and use it to advertise your garage sale. Contact friends who own blogs as well and ask them to post a message on your garage sale.
Join Forums
- The forums are created for a number of reasons. Join those that focus on lifestyle, shopping and life in general. These forums usually have sections where members can post events. This is where you want your ad to show!
Other types of ads
Post It in the classifieds
- This is an age-old technique of advertising garage sales. People who do not own blogs or have time to check the signs pinned to the posts are sure to have the time to read newspapers. The publication of an advertisement in the classifieds section is a way to let people know about your garage sale.
He nails
- No strategy for advertising for garage sales is considered complete without signs of your event. Ask friends to attract gifted artistically signs for your garage sale. If your garage sale has a theme, make sure it reflects the signs. Your signs must be attention-getting as much as possible without being considered garish.
Pass It On
- Ask another the benefit of your knowledge and talent to make design your flyers for you. Assign your assistants to distribute these flyers in strategic locations like grocery stores, malls, parks and schools.
Word Of Mouth
- This is when you should be yourself more talkative. If you are known to be too talkative, it is now time to put your talent to good use. Talk to as many people as you can let the word get around about your upcoming garage sale.
Keep a list of these boards advertising and ensure that you have accomplished all at two weeks before the event. Good luck!


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