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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blog Set-Up – Plug-Ins

When you set up your blog, you can add plug-ins. There are manyadd-ons or plug-ins to choose from. Some of them can be very useful and some of them maybe quite useless.Since WordPress is the choice most popular blog, we will focus our discussion on plug-ins withWordPress blogs.

Blog Plug-In: AkismetSPAM is a serious problem on the web, including blogs. Akismet is an optional plug-inWordPress blogs that eliminates spam before it can appear on your blog. This free plug-inis essential and is considered by many bloggers to be their most important weapon againstSPAM.One of the first plug-ins, you must add to your blog is Akismet. Make sure it is current andproperly installed in your blog.Blog Plug-In: Add to AnySocial media marketing has transformed the Internet. The vast majority of bloggers have alsoSocial media reports. Bloggers are usually quite actively involved in social media sites andsocial bookmarking. Add to Any is a plug-in for social media marketing.The addition of this plug-in to your blog, it is easy to add blogs to your social media sites likeand to bookmark your posts.Blog Plug-In: All in one SEO packThe all-in-one SEO Pack for WordPress blogs is a significant plug-in. This pack SEOincorporates the essential elements needed to help SEO your blog appear in search results forrelevant keywords.Many research experts engine optimization SEO Pack add to all blogs they manage.Blog Plug-In Backup WordpressWordPress offers a plug-in backup that automatically backs up your database securitypurpose. This feature is an important safety feature that will protect you if your blog loses dataor that the data is corrupted. Hackers often target blogs to have the right to security is in placeimportant.Blog Plug-In: Super CacheThe super cache plugin allows your blog indexed faster in search engines.Indexing is important because it helps people find your website. This plug-in is often9considered part of the list of plug-in SEO but it is not part of the All in One SEO Pack describedabove.When setting up your blog, make sure to install the five essential plug-ins described in thisArticle. There may be other plug-ins you want as well, but these are the five mostimportant WordPress plugins.



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