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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Flaming on a blog

Flaming is something that every blogger will see from time to time. Basically flaming is whensomeone viciously attack you or someone else posts something on your blog. Typically, aFlaming is very personal and very vicious.It is important that you handle flaming in fact, you probably want to have a written policy oninappropriate behavior on your blog, including burning.

How to manage a blog on Flaming

First and foremost, you want to make sure you answer any flame or other personal attacksthat appear on your blog. This is especially true if someone attacks another drive on yourblog. Your inability to manage these types of positions will make it appear as if you condone them.You want your readers to know that you appreciate them and make sure they are not attacked for participant in your blog.The first thing you should do is remove the flaming office. Once it is removed, you should contactthe person who was burned, and apologize for the behavior or the person outbreaks andlet them know of the offensive station was removed.After contacting the person who was burned, you must contact the person who posted theinflammatory display. You should let them know the offensive station was removed andyou can not tolerate such behavior on your blog.If their message was shocking, you can ban them immediately from your blog. Thealternative is to warn them that if they post something in the future that violates your political blogs they will be banned.

How to Manage You Being Flamed

If personal attacks are aimed at you, it is important to take action. Just as you wouldprotect a member of your blog, you must protect yourself as well. Although you shouldalways invite feedback and comments, including negative comments, you should not acceptflamboyant.Remove all inappropriate comments and provide a warning to the person who posted it.Youcan even invite them to send a revised version of their comments, if any. Most willprobably not take you up on the offer, but some can.If you protect yourself and your readers flames, you will be promoting a healthyenvironment where issues can be discussed and heated debates can ensue without rising to theinappropriate level of flames in your blog. 



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