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Friday, 16 March 2012

Blogging - Length messages

Bloggers often ask how long a blog should be. Curiously most bloggers err on the sideDisplay posts rather than excessively long positions they may think are too short. The reality isyou are better with frequent short messages rather than long messages less frequently.

Keep it short and simple
Blog postings should be relatively short (usually less than 400 words). Areas requiring moreAssignments can be and must be spread over several posts rather than in a more Blogposter.Many bloggers find that assignments of less than 200 words are most effective. Most users onlinefat content. Blogs or web pages with content too can overwhelm the reader andcause them to become uncomfortable or lose interest in your blog.Generally, you should keep your sentences short. Try to have a thought per sentence.Also try to keep your paragraphs with four sentences or less. Long paragraphs can disablereaders. Want to keep your readers to your blog as long as possible.Make sure you write succinctly. The ability to quickly disseminate a point to keep your readershappy and your blog.

The number of messages per day
If you add short blog less than 150 words that you probably want to add at least two or3 per day. If your blogs are 300 or 400 words in length, you can add one or twoday.When it comes to frequency assignments, most often you post the better. Again, younot want to add posts for the sake of adding messages. Each message on your blog should answer thecriteria that you created for your blog. Make sure it adds value to your blog before publishingit.
If your blogs are mainly videos or pictures with little text you want to doyou have several jobs a day. You may seem lazy to your readers, if you enterone or two very short posts to your blog every day.Not all positions must be you. You can invite contributors to post on your blog. Haveothers write for your blog is a good way to relieve some stress associated withmaintaining a blog.Keep these things in mind when thinking about the length and frequency of your blogassignments. 



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