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Monday, 2 April 2012

How to keep: 404 Traffic Blog

The 404 or page not found error is a standard HTTP response code that appears on your Internet browser when certain situations occur. Simply put, this is an automatic error page that is displayed if any of the following occurs:
- The server could not find the exact page you requested
- The server has been programmed not to display the page you requested and without saying why
- The researcher misspelled the URL of the page or is not sure of the exact URL that seeks
- The requested page has a broken link
- The page you requested may have been moved, deleted or replaced
Obviously, a 404 can be attributed to the part of either the researcher (site visitor) or the site administrator. Unfortunately for the latter, site visitors will often assume that the fault lies in themselves and therefore they feel they are well within their rights to get angry against you and move to your competitors .
If you do not want to risk becoming the target of undeserved dislike from your visitors, then it is important to ensure that they do not land on a 404 error page, if possible. And if they ever do on land, it is important to get rid of the old standard message and replace it with a new message and certainly more useful than will not put them in an irritable mood.One way to do is create a custom 404 error page.
How to avoid 404 pages
404 errors should not occur in the first place and you can start working towards this key objective, taking into account the following suggestions.
Redirection for each change: Changing, replacing, moving or deleting a page in your website is inevitable. But the loss of traffic from it is not. Whenever you make changes on your website, never take the entire page down. Instead, use it to redirect people to your main site with an offer to contact you for more information. What is important is to let them know that you are ready to do what you can accommodate their requests.
Resubmit for Updated Indexing: Submit modified pages whenever you have submitted prior to the necessary parts will be updated regarding the changes you made. This will also help search engines know about such changes.
Make an announcement: Let people know about the pages you have edited, moved or replaced. You can do this with your mailing list or by placing the ad on your homepage.But do not let them know if you took the bottom of a page because it has a negative connotation in most cases.
Monitor page Registrations: If you are listed anywhere, do not forget to check them once a while. This prevents you from overlooking any case in which other websites are linking to your page only to have readers end up landing on a 404 page.
Be efficient and organized: list all the pages you do for your website. If you modified in any way, this list and do everything you need to keep it from suffering a 404 error page for others.
Contact your webhost for 404 Help: Some hosts will automatically redirect lost visitors to your homepage. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent people from landing a 404 page. Of course, hosting the party stops there. After that, it's up to you what to do with your readers when they get to your homepage.
Tips for creating a custom 404 page
Of course, its best to be prepared for any eventuality so just in case something does slip in front of you, have a custom 404 error page can greatly help to mitigate potential damage it can cause to your sites reputation Web.
Do not let them know it's a 404 page
Just because it is called a 404 and is displayed when a 404 occurs does not mean you have to name the top 404. What people do not know will not hurt them and as long as your custom 404 error page eventually appeal to your visitors then it's okay, is it?
Keep the page simple
Do not waste peoples of other times. Keep the page and formatting simple and give them your personalized message 404 in a direct way. Keep brief, of course, does not mean you should ignore courtesy. Be sure to let them know that you'd more than welcome any correspondence from them about the issue.



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