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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Five fabulous ways to monetize your blog

You've heard of blog and ping strategy to drive traffic to your main site, right? That's why blogs have taken a level of importance in the world of online marketing as powerful tools - not - weapons that can help any marketer Internet success in this industry.

Blogs, by their very nature, are the easiest, most accessible content management systems in the World Wide Web. And because they are easy to update, search engines love them! Just run a search on any topic in any search engine and you'll be greeted by blogs that occupy the places of choice in the results pages.
Blogs are also a function of connectivity that is unmatched in cyberspace. Other blog owners will link to you, even if you never invited them. In addition, submit your blog to a blog directory and more people will link to your blog as well.
Blog entries can also be converted to RSS feeds automatically. This means that content syndication is made easier if you use your blog to market your content.
But blogs are not only the weapon of an Internet marketer to make his business prosper.
Blogs can also be monetized. They can become a source of income on their own, and an emotional one at that. Given the traffic and page rank blogs that command, it will be easy to imagine the potential winner of these wonderful creations once they are optimized for monetization.
Here are five fabulous ways by which you can earn DIRECTLY from your blog.
1. Use your blog instead of your sales page. You can actually pre-sales, or even to sell directly, your products through your blog entries. This may be in the form of an ad, or even a positive review or a strong recommendation. Since people are expected to flock to your blog, might as well create a channel through which you can instantly convert visitors into paying customers.
2. You do not have your own products to sell? No problem. Sign up with any affiliate program more,, or and you will receive an affiliate link appropriately. You can promote this affiliate link through your blog entries and you can earn some generous commission for each sale that you get to see. Best of all, you can join as many affiliate programs as you like. You are not limited to a single program. Each affiliate program you join will provide an income stream for your web log.
3. Incorporate a PPC program on your blog. Sign up with AdSense or other ad hosting services. You will be paid each time a visitor of yours click on the ads that the service will appear on your blog. And since you are sure to generate a large volume of traffic for your blog, you will be able to earn a lot of clicks and lots of dollars to start.
4. Find sponsors. If you want a surefire income, build the reputation of your blog by posting regular entries of quality. Once you have reached at least 50,000 unique visitors per month, and a page rank of at least 4 (fairly easy compared to today's standards), you can sell a property value of your blog to some developers willing. An easy way to source some sponsors is through advertising and signage in relevant stats for your blog.
5. Once you have achieved the reputation mentioned above, you can also sell links to other webmasters. As your number of unique visitors will be high and your page rank will be desirable, your blog will be an important product for webmasters who are looking for quality links.


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