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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Free Blasters, Email Blasters, Blog Blasters Comment

Why disappoint them and Blasters do not work.
BLASTERS SafeList disappointed!

A Safelist Blaster is formed of 1000 Safelists usually with hundreds of members in each. The administrator usually present a Safelist Safelist to the blaster in the hope to inflate Safelist numbers.

For the marketing of the Safelist Blaster offers the possibility to reach 100,000 's email boxes spam-free within a few minutes. That sounds really exciting and a little friendly
Initially, the thought of reaching 100,000 's of customers is very attractive and exciting, but after a few days the reality kicks in.
The majority of Safelists on the list are old.
Members who have signed on the blaster like you are on all safelists (for example, there are 2000) for example you send an email to your blaster as another member is registered with all 2000, so this member receives an e-mail 2000 times.
The majority of Safelists are full of obsolete members when a member leaves the Blaster there name stays on all safelists and unless the admin is honest the member stays on each safelist.
The majority of participants use the blaster and (becomes obvious that you receive the message that 1000 times) and are also using a private mailbox which cleans email regularly (I was dumping mine every 4 hours) The most e-mail goes unread.
To receive all the email you need a large mailbox, mine cost me as much as the blaster membership.
The e-mail you send is plain text, HTML is virtually gone, if not impossible, you will not be sending e-mail simple, no e-mails of points based on my e-mail experience points based on is much more sensitive, but I know I cheat on my views based on email, I open between 50-100 emails at a time and wait for the timers to finish.
As you can see, I'm not a real fan I stick to 5-6 point based safelists.

Well, they are what they sound like, write a short piece of your site and submit your piece to millions of blogs at the click of a button.
To blast your ad to millions of potential customers within minutes.
All blogs require registration, email address and details, the blaster blog do not do this, of course.
I imagine the constant spamming of blogs infuriated a lot of admins.
Blog Blasters are old and not working.

Often claiming to reach 100 million mailboxes in, sound really good and promising, type your message and click a button to send a message to millions.
To reach millions of customers with a button click, bringing millions of hits on your site.
Well, I have no idea who these millions of people but I personally found 80 assorted blasters (each claiming over 1 million members) and used these for a week straight out of curiosity, I placed a tracker on each blast, to my great disappointment not once led.

While some of these examples are disappointing, I'm sure there are some that work, just be careful of the hype surrounding a traffic blaster and always test your new means of advertising.


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