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Sunday, 1 April 2012

How to Use a Tell A Friend Script to create traffic

Traffic is what a website needs to succeed. It is traffic that can provide income a website needs to support. And if it were a business oriented website, you surely will reach the sales quota for the day to earn a good amount of money. While setting up a website seems easy, drive traffic to actually is the biggest problem of all.

But of course, for every problem, there is always a solution. To solve the problem associated with a slow day on your website is the script says a friend. Although the script will not necessarily give you the edge you want in traffic one day, he could certainly double your traffic at any point in time. The script says a friend works by giving your visitors the means to send a picture, some of the content you have on your site, or simply an invitation to check that you have up their circle of friends.
The script capitalizes on word of mouth principle. If someone finds your website useful, it will most likely share it with others. And if you have a fully functional script tell a friend, he or she need not log on to the email client or instant messaging service. All he has to do is use the link on your site that says "Send this page to a friend" or "invite a friend" and he is redirected to a page where they can instantly send a message staff or a recorded message to their friends. They will only need to provide the e-mail address and all this is done.
The script tell-a-friend may actually work for you. People invite their friends to your site intends to be a better marketing strategy than sending massive spam to people you do not know. Not only that spamming is considered illegal, you also give your site a bad impression to the very people you want to visit.
To make the script work for you, try to place it at the end of each article content that you place on your site. Let your visitors freely surf everything you put on your website, read all the information rich articles, and browse photos and images you have posted. Make sure the link to send content to their friends are optimally positioned on each page so they can freely do with every chance they get.
If people receive an email from someone they know, they are more likely to respond to the invitation. Mail from people you trust are more likely to be read rather than e-mails from a website or someone they have not heard. It is very important that the script tell-a-friend you are using is to place the name of the friend who recommended your site right on the object part of the email. If the name of their friend is not shown, they are most likely to ignore the message and treat it as spam. You do not want that to happen, we must ensure that the actual name of the person, if possible, show at all times.
Other than that, you can also save the e-mail you collect for future contacts. With the script tell-a-friend, you can do a complete database of email addresses of real people.You're not supposed to use these email addresses for marketing, though. Part of your privacy policy is to only use the email addresses you have acquired in the goal of restorative processes. Do not send unsolicited email to those addresses or sell them to others, as to which is also considered spam and is punishable by law.
Just tell a friend script can give you better mileage on your website. You can get most of these scripts for free. Make sure you get them from reliable sources to make sure you do not create security threats to your site. However, you can customize them by having a seasoned programmer. You may need to pay for their services, though. But again, it's only a one time. This is a good investment because you will be able to maximize your visitors once you have the script and running.
When it comes to visitors of production, you need to do everything necessary to make your site successful, since the only traffic is concerned. The script and tell-a-friend is certainly something you can use to make things happen for you and your website.


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