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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jacket fine and warm

Gambar sisip 1Jacket fine and warm in winter protagonist came from clothing sales. In early winter, the cold air hit constantly, morning coat so warm and wind proof clothing protagonist came to shop sales. On November 15, the reporter visited a number of shopping malls and clothing shops in town and learned that winter jacket had little change compared with last year in terms of price, but the style is more portable, stylish, and the main heating is brilliant.
Because of the cost of labor and raw materials rising, this year, in winter the price fluctuation also has clothing, but not both. Reporter learned that this winter the new high-end jacket prices are in the thousands or more, while the price of a normal paragraph is essentially flat with last year. Down jackets have discounts, and there are some special models cheap. After kicking off, you can buy good quality and innovative style jacket without thousand dollars. And, as reported, before the National Day this year, the jacket is put on the shelves visible ahead of time. How Rizhao Li Qun shopping square, staged down jacket particular promotion, and in September began jacket be promoting, what is more, the price is very low. Although the price is not high, then sales are not good, until recently, temperatures plummeted, jackets really started to get hot.
In several clothing store, and the light is the most attracting point of sale. No matter the style or brand sports brand, both are portable promotional signs off. The previous coating is comparatively low for the corpulence put beautiful figure and influence, yet, this winter the jacket down on frivolous production abandoned the conventional process, and give the condensate in the jacket, so putting them on the floor is convenient and more artistic .
Public has a misunderstanding about buying the jacket heavier the better, in fact, not so. Traditional jacket, with light jacket cashmere rate is almost equal. It is just the selection of light jacket is a fabric lightweight compared to tissue from previous sentences, lightweight fabric is not only hot but also has very good effect breathable.
These jackets down light, although very slight, however, this does not influence the heat retaining property. Winter jacket is not only the choice of fabrics for clothing but considerably improved filler beyond the traditional duck white, gray down, a large amount of coating down also use a better quality velvet sessile flowers, so that the effect heating is not affected.
Reporter learned that, in addition to lightweight jacket styles fashion, sports and leisure warm jacket this year is also favored by consumers.


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